symbiotic spaces

Who lives in a citiy? What is natural? Who keeps us alive? The research project is exploring these questions through perspectives from the arts, sciences, algorithmic design, additive manufacturing and crafts. The main focus is on multispecies habitats for urban wildlife.

Humans consist of and need different forms of life to be alive, so Symbiotic Spaces is a aestethical exploration of relationships to other species, involving robots, critter and people. Being culturally integrated into the idea of nature not to think culture or technology as outside of the wild ecosystems will be crucial for a life sustaining future, so Symbiotic Spaces searches for empathic relationships with our non-human relatives.


Multispecies habitats for urban wildlife, 3D printed in clay. Ceramic modules, “growing” from the water to the ground and into the air, offering housing opportunities to a broad variety of species: water animals, maller mammals, wild insects and birds. The first model temporarily installed in Hildesheim, Germany.
Film: Paul Knopp

At the lake

explore the first temporary installation
in Hildesheim, Germany 2021.

first symbiotic space in hildesheim, 3d printed clay clayprinting algorithmic design bioart

Organic algorithms

will be soon available

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